Saturday, 11 February 2012

Friday, 16 September 2011

Goodbye, and Other Things

You've probably noticed that recently I've not blogged much, and I blame myself for that, I don't really have an excuse. Also, I'm beginning to lack the motivation to blog just about sci-fi, since there's plenty of other better blogs doing the same thing. SO, I'm closing this blog, and moving to new pastures. The new pastures being: a brand new blog, something brand new. I won't be blogging just about TV, I'll also be blogging about: video games, books, iPod games, films, DVDs, and anything else that I care to blog about. The blog will be called:
A teensy bit random I know, but I needed something that stands out. Project Pterosaur launches tonight at 6.30pm. GOODBYEEEE!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

EXCLUSIVE Tom McRae Interview

Hello :) Recently, I got in touch with writer of The Girl Who Waited, Tom McRae on Twitter, and secured an email interview with him. So here's the interview!
Q: When you wrote The Girl Who Waited, was it always episode 10?
1)  No.  It was a 'floating script', which meant it could go anywhere.  That's why there's no direct series continuity references in it.  We only decided it was ep 10 quite late on.
 Q: Did you enjoy writing it more than Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel?

2)  I loved writing it but it was a lot of very hard work, so I"m thrilled it's paid off!
Were you surprised by the extremely positive press reaction?
3)  I was absolutely overwhelmed by the press reaction.  Obviously, you always HOPE for reviews like that, but to actually GET them is quite breathtaking!

How much do you know about the series arc?
4)  I know pretty much everything now.  For ages I insisted that no-one told me who River Song was - I didn't want to know until it was on TV!  But after I read The Day Of The Moon I kind of figured it out...
What's your favorite classic/new Doctor Who story, and why?
5)  My favourite ep of all time is Blink.  More than any other before or since it broke the mold about what the show can do.  
How did you originally get to writing Doctor Who?
6)  RTD asked me to come onto the show shortly after it started.  I was very lucky, and also was well known enough at the BBC to be on their list.
What advice would you give to people who want to be writers?
7)  If you want to write - write.  Just get on with it.  Don't put it off, don't talk about it down the pub - just get on with it an do it.  Even if it's crap, keep going and learn how to not write crap.  Experience is just as important as natural talent, so start putting the hard work in NOW!

Thanks a lot to Tom McRae, and please leave a comment :)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Next Time: The God Complex

Next time on Doctor Who it's The God Complex! Here's the next time trailer:
And a clip from Comic Con
DOCTOR WHO: THE GOD COMPLEX airs at 7.10pm on BBC One (UK), 9/8C on BBC America and 8pm on SPACE (Canada) on Saturday 17 September, in Australia on Saturday 24, and in New Zealand on Thursday 6 October.
Preview clips and/or TV trailers will be posted this week.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cult Telly Round Up (5 September - 10 September)

So, welcome to the first CULT TELLY ROUND UP, which is exactly the same as before, except this time we're more conservative! :) Here's what's coming up in the next five days:
Doctor Who and Torchwood: Miracle Day- As this week, coverage for Torchwood: Miracle Day and Doctor Who will be done on Thursday and Saturday, this week covering Torchwood: Miracle Day- The Gathering, and Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited. Look out for an announcment too on Thursday about my The Girl Who Waited coverage.
Merlin series four round-up 2- I did a Merlin series 4 round up back in late June(proving to be the third most popular post on the blog since it started back in mid June) and since then there's been loads of information about the series, so on Wednesday, I'll do another round up.
Episode guides- The Doctor Who episode guides should be finished this week, and I'll make a start on the Torchwood guides this week.
Limited Outnumbered coverage- Episode 2 of series four of Outnumbered airs this Friday, so I'll put a clip up   when it arrives. 

Doctor Who Ratings

The overnight ratings for Night Terrors and the consolidated figures for Let's Kill Hitler have been revealed. Here's a report on the Night Terrors overnights courtesy of SFX:
The return of Doctor Who’s old enemies, Ant and Dec, took a chunk out the show’s ratings. Overnight figures show that 5.5 million viewers tuned into the initial screening of Doctor Who “Night Terrors” on BBC1, while Red And Black? on ITV1 pulled in 6.6 million viewers. That knocked Doctor Who into fourth place for the evening, behind The X-Factor (11.1 million) and the second episode of Red And Black? (7.2 million).
So, Round One to the Geordies, but the real result will only come when the final consolidated figures (including people who recorded the shows) are published in just over a week. Who was the more obvious of the two to record and watch later, and it was getting time shifts of around 1.5 million earlier in the year. Will that be enough for it to secure third place? That’s a hell of an uphill struggle…
The episode is currently number one on the BBC’s iPlayer, and, amazingly, “Let’s Kill Hitler” is still in the Top 10 most viewed chart on the Corporation’s catch up service too.

And Let's Kill Hitler got an impressive 8.1 million for the final figures.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Next Time: The Girl Who Waited

Next time on Doctor Who, it's The Girl Who Waited! Here's the trailer for the episode:
DOCTOR WHO: THE GIRL WHO WAITED airs on Saturday 10 September on BBC One at 7.15pm, on BBC America and SPACE on the same day at 9/8C and 8pm respectively, on Saturday 17 September on ABC in Australia, and on Thursday 29 September on Prime in New Zealand .