Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cult Telly Round Up (5 September - 10 September)

So, welcome to the first CULT TELLY ROUND UP, which is exactly the same as before, except this time we're more conservative! :) Here's what's coming up in the next five days:
Doctor Who and Torchwood: Miracle Day- As this week, coverage for Torchwood: Miracle Day and Doctor Who will be done on Thursday and Saturday, this week covering Torchwood: Miracle Day- The Gathering, and Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited. Look out for an announcment too on Thursday about my The Girl Who Waited coverage.
Merlin series four round-up 2- I did a Merlin series 4 round up back in late June(proving to be the third most popular post on the blog since it started back in mid June) and since then there's been loads of information about the series, so on Wednesday, I'll do another round up.
Episode guides- The Doctor Who episode guides should be finished this week, and I'll make a start on the Torchwood guides this week.
Limited Outnumbered coverage- Episode 2 of series four of Outnumbered airs this Friday, so I'll put a clip up   when it arrives. 

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