Thursday, 30 June 2011

Name change

Since Primeval has finished, the blog has had a name change! It's now called Bigger on the Inside and will now supply news on Merlin as well. The URL will stay the same as it was.

Primeval Series 5 Episode 6 Review

With a twist!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Anomaly to the Whoniverse Gets YouTube!

I have set up a YouTube channel named CultShowClips, for reviews and character bios and other stuff. Here's the intro to the channel and a video about sci fi DVDs:

Monday, 27 June 2011

Torchwood Miracle Day UK Date and Time Announced!

Finally, we've got a UK date for episode 1 of Torchwood: Miracle Day! 'The New World' will air on Thursday 14th July at 9pm on BBC One. Personally I'm happy with this, because by now I was expecting a launch date over 2 weeks after the US launch date on Starz! If all episodes air on a Thursday, this is the predicted air dates for each episode in the UK (see the round up for US dates):
Episode 1: The New World- Thursday 14th July at 9pm
Episode 2: Rendition- Thursday 21st July at 9pm
Episode 3: Dead of Night- Thursday 28th July at 9pm
Episode 4: Escape to LA- Thursday 4th August at 9pm
Episode 5: The Categories of Life- Thursday 11th August at 9pm
Episode 6: The Middle Men- Thursday 18th August at 9pm
Episode 7: Immortal Sins- Thursday 25th August at 9pm
Episode 8: End of the Road- Thursday 1st September at 9pm
Episode 9: The Gathering- Thursday 8th September at 9pm
Episode 10: The Blood Line- Thursday 15th September at 9pm

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Top 10 Episodes Of... Doctor Who (10-8)

Just for a bit of fun, while there's no real news, I'm doing a countdown for the top 10 episodes of Doctor Who, then Torchwood, then Primeval. Here's numbers 10-8 of the best episodes of Doctor Who (2005-present): NOTE THIS COUNTDOWN COUNTS TWO PARTERS AS 1 EPISODE:
Number 10: Army of Ghosts/Doomsday (Series 2, episodes 12 & 13 broadcast 1/8 July 2006)
A worthy finale to a decent first series for David Tennant's Tenth Doctor. Army of Ghosts was distinctly low-key and action-lite with a whopping cliffhanger (EXTERMINATE!) and Doomsday was a full on sci fi thriller for 35 minutes. The remaining 10 concentrated on writing Billie Piper's Rose Tyler out of the show, through a brilliantly acted scene on 'Bad Wolf Bay.' All that, and the first 'What? What? Whaaaat??' cliffhanger into the Christmas Special.

Number 9: The Eleventh Hour (Series 5 episode 1, first broadcast 3 April 2010)

Easily the best single part series opener in New Who. It had the tricky task of introducing a new Doctor AND a new companion (the first time this had happened since 2005's Rose) but it pulled it off really well, with a great, original idea behind Amy Pond entering the TARDIS as the Eleventh Doctor's companion. And you could forgive the ropey villain and the dodgy monster, because of the great writing and the superb acting.

Number 8: The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone (Series 5 episodes 4 & 5, first broadcast 24 April/1 May 2010)

The return to traditional Moffat story telling saw the return to form after the not-so-great The Beast Below and Victory of the Daleks, and the return of River Song and the Weeping Angels (!) The two-parter isn't quite as good as the Angels' first outing- the brilliant Blink, but it's still excellent, with a fair amount of scares,  and a LOT of Weeping Angels! Oh, and Amy Pond trying to seduce the Doctor, but that's just a small blip in a great two-parter.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Anomaly Weekly Blog Round-up (25 June- 1 July)

A new feature for this blog is a weekly round up, looking at what's to come on Anomaly to the Whoniverse. For this week, here's what's happening:
YouTube videos (maybe)- I've ordered a webcam, so I might post some YouTube videos this week (if I get the hang of it!)
Reviews- Since the most viewed posts on Anomaly to the Whoniverse (and Pre Titles Sequence, when it was open) were my reviews for Primeval series five episodes four and five. I'll post some reviews for series 4 and the remainder of series 5 soon- and some of them will be coming next week. I might post some reviews as YouTube videos (see above.) Doctor Who series 6 reviews are coming later this summer when the DVD comes out.
Stories- I haven't posted any episodes of my Doctor Who fan series this week, because episode 2 is only partially completed. From now on, the stories will be posted when I complete them.
Primeval episode 6 coverage- I've convinced myself that Tuesday's episode of Primeval (Wednesday for me as I don't have Watch and have to download them off iTunes), the series 5 finale will be the final episode ever, as there's still nothing on series 6. So, along with the regular review from me and the review round up, I'll look back at the four years of Primeval (not counting 2010, when no new episodes aired) and get a bit sad about how a good show have drifted away (unless an abrupt announcment about the commissioning of series 6 in 2013 comes out.)
Torchwood Miracle Day UK Air Date Announcment (FINALLY!)- Finally, it looks very likely that we'll get the Torchwood Miracle Day UK air date announce some time this week. Either the Radio Times, who will publish schedules for 9 July tomorrow, a suspected air date as on the yet-to-be-confirmed BBC Press Office schedule, on 9 July, at 9pm (the predicted time Torchwood will air in the UK) there was nothing, indicating that Torchwood may air at that time, or the BBC Press Office (who release schedules for 16-22 July on Thursday) are likely to break the news this week.
Next time, a look at what's happening this summer on Anomaly to the Whoniverse.

BIG Torchwood: Miracle Day Round Up

With the broadcast of the ten part Miracle Day looming (at least in the US, where it starts on 8 July at 10pm on Starz) I thought it would be a good idea to post a round up of all the trailers and synopses:
Torchwood md banner.jpg
Full Series Synopsis

When C.I.A. agent Rex Matheson investigates a global conspiracy, he finds himself unearthing a threat which challenges the entire Human race.The answers seem to lie within an old, secret British institute, known only as Torchwood. But Torchwood was destroyed, years ago, and the keys to the institute are held by its only two survivors - former Police Officer Gwen Cooper who has long since disappeared along with her husband and child, and the mysterious Captain Jack Harkness, a man whose history seems to stretch back centuries.
With Rex under attack from all sides, in both the US and the UK, he soon discovers there are forces at work within every level of society, determined to stop Torchwood's return. As a chain of events across the world links together the most disparate and unlikely individuals - including a surgeon, a killer, senators and CEOs - a new Torchwood team takes shape. But this time, the threat is much closer to home, as they realize that their greatest enemy is mankind itself...
One day, nobody dies. All across the world, nobody dies. And then the next day, and the next, and the next, people keep aging -- they get hurt and sick -- but they never die. The result: a population boom, overnight. With all the extra people, resources are finite. It’s said that in four months’ time, the human race will cease to be viable. But this can’t be a natural event – someone’s got to be behind it. It’s a race against time as C.I.A. agent Rex Matheson investigates a global conspiracy. The answers lie within an old, secret British institute. As Rex keeps asking “What is Torchwood?", he’s drawn into a world of adventure, and a threat to change what it means to be human, forever.
Miracle Day Torchwood Team.jpg
 Captain Jack Harkness- John Barrowman
Gwen Cooper- Eve Myles
Rhys Williams- Kai Owen
Rex Matheson- Mekhi Philfer 
Esther Drummond- Alexa Havins 
Oswald Danes- Bill Pullman
Dr. Vera Juarez- Arlene Tur
Sergeant Andy Davidson- Tom Price
Geriant Cooper- William Thomas
Mary Cooper- Sharon Morgan
Jilly Kitzinger- Lauren Ambrose
TBA- Dichen Lachman 
Dr. Alicia Patel- Lena Kaur 
Surveillance- Danny Szam 
Guard- Daniel Adegboyega 
TBA- Wayne Knight
TBA- Ernie Hudson
TBA- Christopher Thomas Howell
Brad- Dillon Casey
TBA- Nana Visitor
TBA- John De Lancie 
1. The New World- 8 July at 10pm 
When death itself comes to a halt, the world faces its greatest danger yet. CIA agent Rex Matheson has only one clue- Torchwood.
2. Rendition- 15 July at 10pm 
As the Torchwood team is reunited, Jack realises that he's the most vunerable man on Earth. A flight to the United States turns into a desperate battle for survival.
3. Dead of Night- 22 July at 10pm
Torchwood goes on the run and finds a new enemy, but as they launch a raid on PhiCorp headquarters, Jack must confront the mysterious Oswald Danes.
4. Escape to LA- 29 July at 10pm
The fight against PhiCorp takes the Torchwood team, where a trap is waiting. Meanwhile, Oswald and Jilly find themselves with an enemy of their own.
5. The Categories of Life- 5 August at 10pm
Torchwood goes undercover and discovers the terrible truth behind the Miracle. The enemy is closing in, and death is about to make a shocking return.
6. The Middle Men- 12 August at 10pm
With Gwen, Rex and Esther trapped on both sides of the Atlantic, it's a race against time as Jack goes straight to the heart of the conspiracy.
7. Immortal Sins- 19 August at 10pm
Gwen must fight to protect her family and takes a terrifying journey, covering both miles and decades, as the long history of the Miracle is revealed.
Episode 8 (End of the Road), Episode 9 (The Gathering) Episode 10 (The Blood Line) will presumably air on 26 August, 2 September and 9 September in the US.
Reviews from the press release:
And some dialogue teasers from Cult Box:

Friday, 24 June 2011

Primeval Series 5 Episode 5 Review Round-up

Hello, sorry for not posting much recently- I'll try to get better! Anyway, here's some reviews for Primeval series five episode five: Den of Geek SFX Daemon's TV Cybaria Dork
And my review is on this blog. On another note, my review for episode 4 will be uploaded, along with reviews for the first three episodes of series 5 (once the DVD comes out on July 4th. And YouTube videos from me MAY be coming here, but for now that's just a thought because I don't have a webcam.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Primeval Series 5 Episode 5 Review

I'm back on this blog for good! Here's my review for Primeval series five, episode five.
Wow! Primeval's second two-part finale (the other being series two's mammoth on the motorway/creature prison finale) begins with a bang- and a hell of a lot of dinosaurs. We see the Tyrannosaurus Rex (and it looked great), a Kaprosuchus (the 'boar-croc ' from series four episode two), a flock of Anurognathus (the flying creatures from series one episode five), fog worms (we don't really see them!), a tree creeper (from series four episode three) and some stock footage of a mammoth. The episode was bonkers from start to finish, but huge entertainment with a big cliffhanger (Becker may or may not be dead and the New Dawn machine has made a Super Anomaly which Connor has fallen through.)
From some spoiler photos from episode six on Facebook, and the footage from the mid series trailer, this is what will definitely happen in episode six. The Super Anomaly leads to the Sterile Earth era (aka the altered future and Matt's home.) Matt will go through the anomaly to find Connor, who is still alive- and then Connor and Matt will be attacked by a crowd of mutant future predators. Abby will follow them through and they will try and fight the future predators. Back at the ARC, Becker has survived, as he's seen in a photo holding an EMD against a predator's head- since the predators have somehow got into the ARC.
Lester: 'My new Jag's in the car park! This time, it's personal.

Monday, 20 June 2011

We're Moving (Again)

OK, so I'm moving back to PTS to blog there- more people visit and I feel that it's better made. I hope you come over, and enjoy PTS!

Torchwood and Primeval Episodes Up!

I've found Torchwood Series 1 & 2 on YouTube, so I've put that on this blog, along with Primeval Series 1, 2, 4 and 5 (series 3 was missing.) I hope that you enjoy them, and trailers will be coming soon!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Some Titles for my series

I've posted a guide for my Doctor Who series before, but I've changed titles since. Here's the titles for Episodes 2-13:
Each episode will appear here on Saturdays at 6pm.
There will be a three week break between episode 7 and episode 8. 

Episode 9 Title Revealed

The third title from the autumn half of Doctor Who has been revealed! Episode 9's title (originally Episode 4) was for quite a while, 'What are Little Boys Made Of?' However, the writer, Mark Gatiss has revealed that Episode 9 is titled the more generic:
So now Series 6 Part 2 looks like this:
8. LET'S KILL HITLER By Steven Moffat
9. NIGHT TERRORS By Mark Gatiss
10. TBC (Working title THE GREEN ANCHOR) By Tom McRae
11. THE GOD COMPLEX By Toby Whitehouse
12. TBC By Gareth Roberts
13. TBC By Steven Moffat

On This Day (19th June)

A year ago today, the first part of the series five finale of Doctor Who aired: The Pandorica Opens

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Impossible War

Here's episode 1 of my fan fiction Doctor Who series:
Night time. It was desolate in Bangkok, and it had been for four months. The raging war had gutted the city, making it into a wasteland. Bob, a tourist who had been caught up in the conflict while on holiday, was trying to return to his shelter, sprinting, while trying to avoid the gunfire all around. Suddenly, a balaclava-clad person is stepping into his way. The balaclava wearing man had a pistol, aimed right at Bob's head. 'I'm sorry,' the mystery man declared, as he fired right at Bob's head. Satisfied, the man turned away, and slunk off into the night. However, something was blocking the entrance to the shop that the man had inhabited. He took a closer look, and screamed, as the figure turned to him. It had the face of a skeleton, trapped inside an acid suit. It stretched it's hand out, tapped the man on the arm, and watched as the man's body disintegrated....... 
It was an ordinary, boring day in the TARDIS. Amy and Rory were mucking about in the TARDIS' squash courts, while the Doctor was trying to multi-task, operating the scanner and watching BBC News on a dusty old projector screen mounted on the wall. The Doctor frowned. There was breaking news: 31 people were killed in a skirmish in Bangkok yesterday, and full scale civil war was breaking out. It definitely wasn't the government's fault- they had been voted as the most popular government for 20 years. But now people were dying, and the Doctor knew he had to do something about it. He bellowed through the TARDIS loudspeaker system 'AMY? RORY? GET OVER HERE NOW!' Two minutes later, they arrived in the main control room. 'So what is it, Doctor?' Rory asked. 'Is it the return of the Blobby Men? Cos if it is, I'm locking myself in the squash courts and not coming out until they're dealt with!' The Doctor stared at them. 'No, it's a lot worse than that. There's a war going on in Bangkok. A war that can only have been started by.. aliens. But I don't have a clue what to do. I can't just wade in, can I?' Suddenly, the woolly hat on the Doctor's head flew off. River stood there, clutching her gun. 'Need any help with that, sweetie?'
  • The sounds of the TARDIS materializing cut through the gunfire exploding all around the city. With a creak, it faded into view. Amy pushed the door open, but the Doctor pushed her back. 'Never, and I mean never, step into a gunfight. I did that before and I had to regenarate. Don't make my mistakes.' The Doctor poked his head out. 'I'd say that if those people would put down their glorified killing machines down, they might actually enjoy the sun. Although it's going to be a bit windy in- he checked his watch- four hours.' Rory sighed. 'Doctor, will you STOP showing off?' The Doctor grinned. 'Rory, the day I stop showing off is the day I die. Now go. I have a bad feeling about this.' And with that, the Doctor flicked some switches, and the TARDIS demilitarized. River was hanging back in the corner, but stepped out to say: 'Why the hell are we leaving?' The Doctor frowned. 'Because we need to see Bangkok at night..' 
    • It was the dead of night. The gunfire had ceased for the night, and a deathly silence filled the city. The TARDIS had arrived on the tracks of a Sky Train station- not that any trains were operating right now. Amy, Rory and River clambered onto the platform, where the Doctor was already standing, fiddling with his sonic screwdriver. He was grinning. 'You see, that's the beauty of the TARDIS. We can simply hop forward in-' Amy grimaced. 'STOP. SHOWING. OFF!' she yelled. 'We don't have time for boasting! Just tell us what to do!' The Doctor's grin faded. 'We need to split up. You're going to need a torch-', he chucked three torches to his companions, 'and a walkie-talkie.', he brought out four walkie talkies from his pockets. 'Tell me if you've been attacked.' 'Attacked by what?' Rory asked, but the Doctor was already striding off. The Doctor whirled round. 'Do you like my head torch? I wear a head torch now. Head torches are cool.' And with that, he turned round and walked off. River yelled after him: 'Can I use my gun, Doctor?' He yelled back. 'You know I will make allowances for you, River!' River grinned, and briskly walked off in the other direction. Amy and Rory exchanged glances, then went in separate directions. Rory found himself shining his torch on the wall- the wall was covered from top to bottom in bullet holes. Then, suddenly, he heard something. It sounded like heavy human footsteps, but it couldn't be any of his friends- they were too far away to be making that loud a sound. Rory slowly turned around. A skeleton man in a boiler suit was striding towards him, saying 'Don't shoot me!' in a continuous loop. Rory shouted into the walkie talkie. 'Doctor!! There's a skeleton stalking me! What the hell is it?' He heard the Doctor's frantic voice. 'It's Vashta Nerada! Stay out of the shadows, Rory. I'm coming to get you. But don't let it touch you, if it touches you, you will die!'
      • The skeleton was advancing. Rory was sprinting for his life, but he'd hit a dead end, and the skeleton was too close now for Rory to escape. He'd heard the Doctor's warning, and knew that if he turned off his torch, the Vashta Nerada would rip his body to shreds. Suddenly, the creature was standing right in front of Rory, stretching its hand out.Rory screwed up his eyes and waited for the end ,and then- the skeleton toppled over, with a smoking bullet wound in its back. Amy and River were standing there, staring at Rory like he was the man who would save them all single handedly. They were both panting from sprinting the length of the station to save him. 'So, what's happening?' asked Amy. 'The Doctor told us that you were in trouble, but he didn't tell us why. What's going on?' River interrupted Rory, who was trying to begin to explain with: 'The Doctor never tells the full truth. If that's one thing I've learned about him, it's that he often lies and more often doesn't tell you enough of the real truth.' The walkie talkie in River's hand whirred. 'RIVER? RORY? AMY? THERE'S SOME MEN WITH GUNS OVER HERE! CAN YOU GIVE ME A HAND?' Rory started to say something, but Amy and River had already disappeared, sprinting away to save the Doctor. He did the only thing he could do: he ran after them. But as soon as Rory caught up with them, he ran into a problem. Men-with-lots-of-big-guns shaped problem. The Doctor was nowhere to be seen. Amy, Rory and River were trapped by the army, not sure what was happening. Then, finally, a man spoke, in a terrified voice- a voice that sounded like fear itself. 'We must serve the Shadow Men.' he said, with all the composure of a diseased dragon. 'The Shadow Men? You mean the Vashta? Why do you want to serve them?' Another man replied. 'Fear. They rule by fear. And now you, and everyone on Earth, will have to keep away from the dark.' Without warning, the moon disappeared. It simply blinked out of the sky. And unbeknownst to Amy, Rory and River, the moon vanished everywhere else too. Across the whole world, in every time zone, the sun and the moon vanished. And with Amy, Rory and River trapped, the Doctor gone and the Sun and the Moon gone, the Earth was plunged into darkness. The only thing that united the people of Earth in that moment was a saying: 'Who turned the lights out?'
        TO! BE! CONTINUED!
        Next time: Keep Away from the Dark (Part 2)

Primeval Titles

OK, since Primeval episodes don't have titles, here is my selection:
1. The Anomalies
2. The First Incursion
3. Husband and Wife
4. Dodo Disorders :)
5. Attack from Above
6. Creatures from the Future
1. A New World
2. Worms in the Fog
3. They are not Pets
4. Underwater 
5. Silurian Scorpions
6. The Traitor
7. Prison of Dinosaurs
1. The Crocodile God
2. Haunted House
3. Incursion and an Invasion
4. Gigantosaurus 
5. Infections
6. The Escape
7. Out of Time
8. The Future
9. Who is Eve?
10. Site 333
1. The Return
2. Down by the Docks
3. The Time Travellers
4. Detention from Hell
5. A Country Myth
6. An Old Friend
7. Convergence is Coming
1. The Burrowing Creatures
2. Trapped 
3. Springheeled Jack
4. The ARC Anomaly
5. Convergence Has Come
6. The Sterile Earth

Operation Youtube :)

I forgot to mention on my coming soon round-up that I am planning to track down Primeval and Torchwood vidoes on YouTube, to post here. There's no guarantee that I'll find much, but I'll try to find stuff. I'll post trailers up as well.

Friday, 17 June 2011

A Funny Rory Pond Thing

I found this on Life, Doctor Who and Combom, and it's the hilarious truth about Rory Pond:


Hello, and welcome to my new site, Anomaly to the Whoniverse. It's a cross between a news site, a creative writing site, and a feature site, all about Doctor Who, Torchwood and Primeval. I hope you like the site, and it will be updated with loads of new features, and stories and news. Here's what's coming soon:
My 13 episode Doctor Who series- to be released each Saturday at 8pm
Episode guides for Doctor Who, Primeval and Torchwood
Next time trailers
Character Bios
Complete Torchwood: Miracle Day coverage
Reviews of Primeval series five episodes 5 & 6
Reviews of Doctor Who Series 6 Part 1
Reviews of Torchwood: Children of Earth and Miracle Day
A regular feature titled On this Day
A daily feature titled Looking at Stuff
Three posts a day guaranteed!