Monday, 27 June 2011

Torchwood Miracle Day UK Date and Time Announced!

Finally, we've got a UK date for episode 1 of Torchwood: Miracle Day! 'The New World' will air on Thursday 14th July at 9pm on BBC One. Personally I'm happy with this, because by now I was expecting a launch date over 2 weeks after the US launch date on Starz! If all episodes air on a Thursday, this is the predicted air dates for each episode in the UK (see the round up for US dates):
Episode 1: The New World- Thursday 14th July at 9pm
Episode 2: Rendition- Thursday 21st July at 9pm
Episode 3: Dead of Night- Thursday 28th July at 9pm
Episode 4: Escape to LA- Thursday 4th August at 9pm
Episode 5: The Categories of Life- Thursday 11th August at 9pm
Episode 6: The Middle Men- Thursday 18th August at 9pm
Episode 7: Immortal Sins- Thursday 25th August at 9pm
Episode 8: End of the Road- Thursday 1st September at 9pm
Episode 9: The Gathering- Thursday 8th September at 9pm
Episode 10: The Blood Line- Thursday 15th September at 9pm

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