Saturday, 25 June 2011

Anomaly Weekly Blog Round-up (25 June- 1 July)

A new feature for this blog is a weekly round up, looking at what's to come on Anomaly to the Whoniverse. For this week, here's what's happening:
YouTube videos (maybe)- I've ordered a webcam, so I might post some YouTube videos this week (if I get the hang of it!)
Reviews- Since the most viewed posts on Anomaly to the Whoniverse (and Pre Titles Sequence, when it was open) were my reviews for Primeval series five episodes four and five. I'll post some reviews for series 4 and the remainder of series 5 soon- and some of them will be coming next week. I might post some reviews as YouTube videos (see above.) Doctor Who series 6 reviews are coming later this summer when the DVD comes out.
Stories- I haven't posted any episodes of my Doctor Who fan series this week, because episode 2 is only partially completed. From now on, the stories will be posted when I complete them.
Primeval episode 6 coverage- I've convinced myself that Tuesday's episode of Primeval (Wednesday for me as I don't have Watch and have to download them off iTunes), the series 5 finale will be the final episode ever, as there's still nothing on series 6. So, along with the regular review from me and the review round up, I'll look back at the four years of Primeval (not counting 2010, when no new episodes aired) and get a bit sad about how a good show have drifted away (unless an abrupt announcment about the commissioning of series 6 in 2013 comes out.)
Torchwood Miracle Day UK Air Date Announcment (FINALLY!)- Finally, it looks very likely that we'll get the Torchwood Miracle Day UK air date announce some time this week. Either the Radio Times, who will publish schedules for 9 July tomorrow, a suspected air date as on the yet-to-be-confirmed BBC Press Office schedule, on 9 July, at 9pm (the predicted time Torchwood will air in the UK) there was nothing, indicating that Torchwood may air at that time, or the BBC Press Office (who release schedules for 16-22 July on Thursday) are likely to break the news this week.
Next time, a look at what's happening this summer on Anomaly to the Whoniverse.

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