Thursday, 23 June 2011

Primeval Series 5 Episode 5 Review

I'm back on this blog for good! Here's my review for Primeval series five, episode five.
Wow! Primeval's second two-part finale (the other being series two's mammoth on the motorway/creature prison finale) begins with a bang- and a hell of a lot of dinosaurs. We see the Tyrannosaurus Rex (and it looked great), a Kaprosuchus (the 'boar-croc ' from series four episode two), a flock of Anurognathus (the flying creatures from series one episode five), fog worms (we don't really see them!), a tree creeper (from series four episode three) and some stock footage of a mammoth. The episode was bonkers from start to finish, but huge entertainment with a big cliffhanger (Becker may or may not be dead and the New Dawn machine has made a Super Anomaly which Connor has fallen through.)
From some spoiler photos from episode six on Facebook, and the footage from the mid series trailer, this is what will definitely happen in episode six. The Super Anomaly leads to the Sterile Earth era (aka the altered future and Matt's home.) Matt will go through the anomaly to find Connor, who is still alive- and then Connor and Matt will be attacked by a crowd of mutant future predators. Abby will follow them through and they will try and fight the future predators. Back at the ARC, Becker has survived, as he's seen in a photo holding an EMD against a predator's head- since the predators have somehow got into the ARC.
Lester: 'My new Jag's in the car park! This time, it's personal.

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