Sunday, 10 July 2011

Aliens: The Alien Fugitives Prologue

Here's the prologue to episode 1 of my own series:
  • It was a drizzly Friday night. The City of London University was humming with people heading to wild parties, drinking into the early hours of Saturday. However, the rest of the university's students had to stay in their flats, revising for various tests. Two 20-year-olds, Michael McKeon and Bradley Tyler were part of that remainder- staying in their shared flat to revise for an impending IT test. At least, that was the plan. During a well-earned coffee break, they'd managed to break through the university's online security system, giving them access to footage from the university's CCTV. After half an hour of trawling through footage of the university's day-to-day life, they'd discovered some intriguing footage of what looked like a large bat- but as they traced the 'bat' to a warehouse in Finsbury Park, little did they know what they were about to discover.....

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