Friday, 15 July 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day: Rendition Teaser Round Up

Teasers for episode 2 of Torchwood: Miracle Day episode 2, Rendition have popped up on a few sites on the internet. Here are the teasers:
Digital Spy
1. Oswald becomes an internet sensation with his own viral video.

2. "All it does is go bleep!"

3. Oprah Winfrey shows an interest in creepy ol' Oswald.

4. Esther's curiosity lands her in a lot of trouble.

5. "It's either you or the big gay steward."

6. Dr. Juarez has a few neat ideas regarding changes to medical procedure.

7. Lauren Ambrose makes her debut as PR guru Jilly Kitzinger, and she's absolutely brilliant.

8. "Be careful with his coat!"

9. By episode's end, one character is looking at things completely back to front.

10. "This is no miracle."

1 “Rendition” feels like a very different episode to its predecessor – less expansive, smaller scale, fewer locations, more intense
2 There’s not as much action as in the premiere, but more intriguing discussions about the ramifications of “Miracle Day”
3 A whole new plot element is introduced that puts a new spin on what’s happening
4 There’s an audacious – and very long – McGyver-esque scene with a twist that you’ll either embrace for its sheer chutzpah or dismiss as irredeemably silly
5 Jack’s vortex manipulator may or may not have a surprising function we’ve never seen before
6 There’s a new gimmick at the beginning that will presumably become a regular thing
7 One scene is a real head turner
8 Oswald has the mother of all snack attacks, partly because of an odd diet he had to endure while in prison
9 Rex has a line that we sincerely hope isn’t a comment on the next six episodes
10 New character Jilly Kitzinger is very irritating… but she’s supposed to be
11 Bill Pullman takes Oswald way beyond any accusation of being a bargain basement Hannibal Lecter… his moments in episode two are among the best
12 Doctor Vera Juarez comes much more to the fore
13 There’s a lot of frantic shouting – unless you have really good hearing you may want to use subtitles not to miss some really good lines that are in danger of getting drowned out
14 The direction feels a bit more “telly” and a bit less cinematic than the fist episode
15 There are some exciting leaps forwards for some plotlines, but others feel a bit like they’re treading water a bit, which is a bit odd for only the second episode

» "I'm not gay, but I’ll let you feel me up if you get me a vodka."
» "Do we have to explode before you turn up?"
» "What the hell is this thing? All it does is go bleep!"
» "You stupid bloody little man."
» "What if the planet dies out from under us?"
» "We should not be watching this, he's a monster."
» "Every bug in the world is probably out to get me."
» "What are you saying - immortality leads to hypochondria?"
» "Someone wants to take Torchwood out."
» "I had a boyfriend who took arsenic." 

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