Monday, 25 July 2011

Bigger on the Inside Weekly Blog Round Up (25-31 July)

This week, more Torchwood, reviews, and a new regular feature
Torchwood: Miracle Day coverage- Coverage for Torchwood: Miracle Day continues this week, including promo pictures (pictures for episode 5, The Categories of Life should be released this Friday), news, and the usual pre and post episode coverage for episode 3, Dead of Night
Torchwood reviews- A bumper review for The New World and Rendition will be uploaded ahead of the broadcast of Dead of Night. The Dead of Night review will be written on Saturday
New daily feature- A new daily feature- Back in Time- will do a short review of each episode of Doctor Who, from Rose through to A Good Man Goes to War- and will replace YouTube Corner
Episode guides- Episode guides will finally be uploaded here over the course of the week, the guides will be for:
Doctor Who series 1-6
Merlin series 1-3
Torchwood series 1, 2, Children of Earth and Miracle Day
Finally, as another regular (but not daily) feature, the little news from over the week will be rounded up into one post, called Bitesize News
And that will be it for the blog for two weeks!

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