Saturday, 2 July 2011

Merlin Series 4 Round Up

Here's what we know about Merlin series four:
The 13 episode run will transmit in September or October this year
All the regular cast members from Series 1-3 will return
The Knights of the Round Table from the series 3 finale will return
The series will open with a two-parter again
Episode 1 is titled 'Revival of the Witch: Part 1'
Episode 2 is titled 'Revival of the Witch: Part 2 
Morgana and Morguase will both return
A new character, Agravaine (played by Nathaniel Parker), Arthur's uncle will join the show as a regular
Agravaine will be the new enemy within Camelot's walls 
Morgana will be stronger mentally and will have come to terms with her magic
Arthur will take more control because Uther is broken mentally
The series's tagline used to be 'The Search for Emrys' 
Now it's 'The Darkest Hour is Just Before the Dawn'
Because King Cenred from Series 3 is dead, Morgana and Morguase will ally themselves with King Alined from the series 2 episode Sweet Dreams
Gwen and Arthur will get married
Grettir from series 3 episode The Eye of the Phoenix will return
Merlin will disguise himself as 'Dragoon' the old Merlin again
And this time Arthur knows about old Merlin
Someone dies in the opening two-parter
Because a scene was filmed showing someone being mourned in Camelot and their body being burnt
Gilli from The Sorcerer's Shadow will return and ally with Agravaine

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