Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bitesize News

All the smaller stories from the past few days covered
So, it's been a bit of a mad week in the sci-fi world, with Comic Con last week, where lots of Doctor Who, Torchwood and Merlin information was revealed, plus trailers for Doctor Who series 6 part 2, Merlin series 4, and Torchwood: Miracle Day, which you can see herehere, and here, and some news escaped a proper blog post here (some perhaps shouldn't of.) Here's a round up of that news:
Merlin series 5 is commissioned, to be a 13 episode run, airing autumn 2012. It may be the final season as the producers claim that the show is mapped out for five seasons.
Karen Gillan will reprise her role as Amy Pond, for at least the Christmas Special, and likely series 7 too.
The new issue of Doctor Who magazine hits the shops tomorrow- the blog will have a full breakdown of info revealed inside the magazine.
Tom McRae has released hints for episode 10 of series 6 of Doctor Who, The Girl Who Waited, on Twitter:
'My ep was never called The Green Anchor, but the Green Anchor is very, VERY important! And the best place to be'
'Amy's favourite cat was called Biggles. What's important is, that's the name she DIDN'T use later on'
Also, he released three quotes from the episode:
Quote 1: 'How can you have a door without a wall?'
Quote 2: 'The Green Anchor.. The Red Waterfall.'
Quote 3: 'You want to update Twitter?!'

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